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Mutune Waweru

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03007, charles waweru, 24, Githunguri - Inside out, mixed

Our exhibitions

Following our successful exhibitions at Turner Contemporary and Saatchi Gallery in the UK in 2013-19, we introduce a dynamic series of 10 themed exhibitions titled 'Vibrant Visions: Unveiling Africa's Rising Artistic Stars' to celebrate our finest MASK Awards artists. Carefully selected from over 16,500 artworks received during the decade from 16 African countries, this series will showcase the diverse talents and compelling narratives of Africa's emerging artistic voices.

Other exhibitions in the series: 

'Faces of Africa: A Portrait Showcase' celebrates the diversity of young African portrait painters across perspectives and styles. Using both traditional and contemporary techniques, it showcases soulful expressions and compelling narratives that reflect the richness of African identity and the human experience.

'Digital Horizons: Exploring the Future of Art in Africa'. This retrospective unveils the dynamic realm of digital art on the continent, delving into the intersection of technology and creativity and presenting a glimpse into the boundless possibilities shaping future artistic expression.

'Animating Art: Celebrating Creative Motion'. From traditional hand-drawn animations to cutting-edge digital techniques, this exhibition showcases the ingenuity and dynamism of African and UK animators. Experience the magic of motion and creativity come to life.

'Wild & Still: A Harmony of Nature's Beauty'. This show juxtaposes beauty of wildlife with serene tranquility of still life. It delves into the intricacies of nature through vivid depictions of animals in their natural habitats, alongside arrangements of fruits, flowers, and everyday objects frozen in time. Experience the balance between movement and serenity.

'Lens & Light: Capturing Moments, Revealing Stories'. This photography exhibition celebrates the art of visual storytelling. Through the lens of our talented photographers, it unveils a kaleidoscope of moments frozen in time, each revealing a unique narrative waiting to be discovered. 

'Designscape: Exploring the Graphic Universe'. This exhibition delves into the dynamic world of graphic design with its bold colors, striking typography, and innovative compositions. From corporate branding to social campaigns, designers  fuse art and technology and shape our digital and physical environments.

'Drawings & Collages: Explosions of Creativity'. From intricate sketches to vibrant collages, this retrospective explores the interplay of lines, shapes, and textures that bring creativity to life. 

'Kenya Art Kaleidoscope: Celebrating the Top Twenty Emerging Artists'. This show spotlights the top twenty emerging contemporary artists, exploring a diverse array of styles, themes, and perspectives, each offering a glimpse into the vibrant cultural landscape of Kenya.

'Vivid Voices: Unveiling Emerging Women Artists in Africa'

This retrospective spotlights the dynamic artistry of 12 young artists from Kenya. Through diverse visuals, it unveils their unique perspectives, stories and creative journeys.

'Resonant Voices: Activist Art in Africa'

Featuring the diverse perspectives and impassioned voices of 19 artists in Kenya, this exhibition seeks to ignite conversations, challenge perceptions, and ultimately drive positive societal transformation.

Our artists

Explore our MASK Artists collective, representing one of Africa's largest gatherings of emerging talents, which fosters collaboration and enhances artists' voices and visibility.

Alpha Odhiambo

Amon Kibet

Andrew Muthotho

Anne Onyango

Austin Muturi

Baraka Joseph

Baraka Shamia

Chesta Nyamosi

Chrispus Nyaanga

Churchil Ongere

Clinton Artisto

Cynthia Ngunjiri

Dada Boipelo

David Mwai

Denis Cheruiyot

Eddy Ochieng


Emmanuel Theuri

Eunice Muriithi

Eva Chemng'orem

Ian Banja

Ian Ndambuki

Joan Muema

John Maina

Joseph Makau

Joseph Wangari

Kevin Onyango

Kevin  Yego

Kevinne Mullick

Kigera Njau

Lily Ng'ang'a

Lucas Kamau

Lucy Mwangi

Margaret Ngigi

Martina Aduodi

Mbinga Mwambi

Melissa Joe

Moses Kamau

Muchira Muraguri

Musyoka Martin

Mutune Waweru

Mwarano Gioko

Nelson Ijakaa

Nicole Manuthu

Nina Kimani

Otto Gohole

Paula Karanja

Paula Nyandat

Peteros Ndunde

Raphael Mbithi

Richard Onyango

Ron Enoch

Sachy Atieno

Samuel Muriithi Muiga

Sharon Gekonge


Songolo Tred

Stella Onyango

Taabu Munyoki

Tedd Mwaniki

Victor Munga

Victor Mutisya

Vincent Mbingo

Resources for artists

If you are a young and aspiring artist, use these essential documents, technical guidance and tips to elevate the presentation of your work, bolster your artistic standing, and optimise your capacity to market your creations.