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How to write an artist biography

When writing an artist biography (CV & exhibition history), it's important to convey your background and artistic journey. Here's a suggested structure:


1. Introduction

  • Begin with an introduction, stating your name as in your ID; you can also state your preferred artist name and make sure it is consistent across all documents.
  • State your date and place of birth, as well as where you currently live.
  • State your primary artistic medium or discipline (painting, sculpture, photography, etc.).
    • Include your education, as well as any relevant art training you have undertaken.

    2. Background

    • Describe when and how you first became interested in art. Mention any family members, school teachers who supported you in your journey.
    • Share the progression of your artistic journey, highlighting key moments or turning points.

      3. Your artistic journey

      • Explain the sources of inspiration for your art, whether it's nature, culture, personal experiences, social issues, or other artists. Share the artists, movements, or experiences that might have influenced your art.
      • Mention themes or concepts that consistently appear in your work.
      • Describe your creative process: your artistic style and techniques and any unique approaches that define your work.
      • Mention any aspirations for the future.

      4. Artistic statement

        • In a concise way, share your artistic philosophy, which describes your creative vision and what drives your artistic practice. For examples, please go here.

        5. Exhibition history

          • List significant exhibitions, shows, or galleries where your work has been featured: titles of exhibitions, names of galleries/venues, and dates. For examples, please go here.
          • Mention any awards, grants, or recognitions you've received for your art. 

          6. Contact information

            • Use a good photograph of yourself, and include your professional contact details, such as an email address, website and social media.


            Remember to keep each point concise and focused, with an overall biography length of around 150-250 words for a brief version and up to 500 words for a more detailed one. Carefully proofread your biography to ensure it is free of errors and flows smoothly.