Jonathan Songolo Tred

Goma, DRC

Jonathan Songolo Tred, known as Joe Tred, was born in the eastern part of the DRC, Goma. He found his passion for art and storytelling through Walt Disney movies. From an early age, he got into traditional drawing and making comic strips.


His passion increased and became a purpose after realizing that all he could see on the news about his city and country was a narrative of war and hunger, which was only part of the story. He felt he needed to be a different voice.


He, later on, moved to Nairobi, Kenya for studies where he explored other disciplines such as oil & acrylic painting, digital drawing, 2D &3D animation & motion graphics, making him a multidisciplinary artist that isn’t afraid of mixing art styles and mediums to tell a story.


MASK Awards 2022

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