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a brighter future

Our award-winning non-profit supports creativity and innovation in young people, educators and communities. We place creativity at the centre of education as well as the broader community to empower people and transform society.

Starting in 2007 as Mobile Art School in Kenya (MASK), carting learning supplies up rural tracks in Kenya, today MASK Create has beneficiaries in 15 countries in Africa and beyond.

We have developed for everyone's use and benefit:

  • MASK Awards
  • MASK Art
  • MASK Innovators
  • MASK School Creativity for Entrepreneurship & Leadership Clubs, teaching resources... and more.


Join us to discover the opportunities we offer and take your first steps towards success and empowerment that can make a difference to you and the world around you.


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Enter your best ART or brightest social or business INNOVATIONS. Showcase your creativity to the world!

Since it was established in Kenya in 2013, MASK Awards has received more than 15,500 entries from 15 countries in Africa and reached global audiences of over 650,000 people. MASK Awards celebrates young creativity and innovation with cash prizes, internships and exhibitions.

#1 MASK Awards

#2 MASK Art

In 2020 we began building an online MASK Art gallery to nurture our visual artists from Africa and to promote their work to the public, collectors, media & cultural institutions through an ever-expanding exhibitions programme.

MASK Art is not just a gallery, but a beacon of creativity and purpose. All our artists are young Africans who participated in our MASK Awards and represent extraordinarily diverse backgrounds, artistic styles and approaches. They share a passion for art and a keen desire to express their originality and tell their stories.

Our training for schools helps unlock and reinforce your students' creativity and their ability to innovate.

#3 MASK Schools Creativity Clubs

#4 MASK Innovators

Follow our Instagram to meet our young Innovators, and connect with them for internship or employment opportunities.

From engineers and programmers to architects and designers and communication specialists, for the last 15 years we have built a community of innovative minds that can prove a great asset to your organisation.

#5 Support us to create a brighter future

MASK is one of leading organisations in the field of creativity education. Help us equip our young people with creativity they need to shape a brighter future for all.