Our current exhibition

'Vivid Voices:

Unveiling Emerging Women Artists in Africa'

This multifaceted retrospective showcases the vibrant artistry of 12 young women artists from Kenya: Paula Karanja, Cynthia Ngunjiri, Joan Muema, Lucy Mwangi, Taabu Munyoki, Eva Chemng'orem, Dada Boipelo, Margaret Ngigi, Nicole Manuthu, Anne Onyango, Sharon Gekonge, and Lily Ng'ang'a.

Merging their voices, they explore a wide range of themes, ranging from personal to political, discussing facets of life and womanhood, delving into the complexities of human relationships and motherhood, exploring the nuances of politics and tradition, offering insights into modern identities and consumerism, and suggesting perspectives on divine and religious imagery. Utilising a variety of artistic mediums including graffiti, illustration, and collage, they seamlessly weave elements of surrealism and pop art into their creations, captivating us with their innovative ideas and expressive language.