Ian Ndambuki

Nairobi, Kenya

Ian Ndambuki is a freelance visual artist from Nairobi, Kenya.

"I have been drawn to pen and paper since I was a toddler. Hours would melt away as I doodled random lines and shapes. I have maintained this passion and still haven’t put my pen down right to this day.”

Ian comes from an artistic family. His mother plays the guitar and his late father was a ‘culinary arts fanatic’.

While studying Art and Design at Buruburu Institute of Fine Arts in Nairobi from 2017 to 2019 he got to interact with, learn from and be inspired by such Kenyan artists as Michael Musyoka, Michael Soi, Cyrus Kabiru, Peteros Ndunde and Allan Kioko; and international artists KAWS and Digital Does among many others.

“Art is something that I can never escape from. I grab my pen, sit in front of my easel and get to work. My love for art will always come first."

Artist statement

Art is observation. The more you observe, the better you create.