Kevinne Mullick

Nairobi, Kenya

Kevinne Mullick, 23, lives in Nairobi's Kibra neighborhood. He works in digital, photography and film media.  

He founded digital storytelling Kgill+ Media to create meaningful and impactful content, to address social issues and inspir positive change.

Kevinne wants to share the narratives of marginalised and underrepresented communities, fostering empathy, understanding, and positive social transformation. Through his digital storytelling approach, he aims to inspire action towards a more just and equitable society.

'I decided to follow my passion for impacting my community through audio-visual. As I grow in Kibra, most people told negative stories about Kibra. I want to change that stereotype because most people from Kibra have the potential and are doing great things that are not shown to the world.'


MASK Awards

Artist statement

"My artwork is motivated by my passion for the way that our African culture embraces ethnic diversity. I use diversity of art to tell stories. I educate, empower, and entertain to transform lives."

CV & exhibition history

Kevinne graduated from the Kennyatta University wit BSc in Procurement.