Countries that participated this year: Kenya, Nigeria, Rwanda, South Africa, Ghana, Uganda, Namibia, Tanzania.

Winners of the School Prize, Artist of the Year, and Innovator of the Year are to be announced.

Warm thanks to MASK volunteers, MASK Ambassadors, Judges, as well as Rivers Foundation (UK), The Linbury Trust (UK), and The Nobelity Project (USA) for supporting the cash prizes totaling 300,000 KSH (£1,500), and our Founding Media Partner the Kenyan national newspaper The Star for promoting MASK Awards across Kenya and beyond.



Dancun Nyabuto (JUNIOR OFFICIAL), Balance

Kevinne Mullick, Educate a Child


Steven Mochengo, The King's New Way

Maureen Ngari, Love Cycle

Tellah Lerte, Samburu

Amon Nyamache, Shutter of time

Oliver Mwakio (Cardiac Poet), SAKA WERA




'Life on Land' challenge

Pride Nyando, 21, Nairobi. Clean Eco-Fuel

'Clean Eco-Fuel' is a youth led social venture that provides clean and affordable energy to locals in Kisumu county, Kenya. We make briquettes from biomass and sell them to the locals. This helps to conserve our forests since most locals rely on charcoal and firewood as fuel.

Omar Abae, 24, Hola - Adopt trees

I will create awareness to the people to protect water and trees. Embrace the art of planting trees and caring for the trees. Governments should allocate more resources to the environment sector. People should use other sources of fuel and construction materials instead of engaging trees. We should adopt trees.

Winnie Cheptoo, 24, Kapsabet

We should look at the problem of saving life on land from these main views points:  ecosystem - it makes us survive; younger generation - they will ensure life on land; and consequences - we must consider them when solving this problem. 

Leeke Odhiambo, 21, Nairobi - Sustainability in us

  1. Enact environmental science as a compulsory subject in primary and high school.
  2. Every country should have national environmental award.
  3. Affordable housing to the middle class and vulnerable families.
  4. Introduction of biodiversity tax that will raise revenue to help in protecting it.

Antony Odhiambo, 19, Sare-Awendo

Idea 1. Transforming Cities through Nature-Based Solutions

Integrating nature-based solutions into urban planning by incorporating green infrastructure such as vertical gardens and rooftop forests to enhance biodiversity, mitigate pollution and provide ecosystem services, creating sustainable and livable cities.

Idea 2.Fostering Biodiversity and Combating Deforestation

We can use our ecosystems sustainably by implementing practices such as responsible land use, reforestation efforts, protected area management, promoting sustainable agriculture and supporting local communities while combating deforestation through strict regulations, monitoring systems, economic incentives and international collaborations.

Stanley Sigowo, 19, Nairobi  - SUSTAINABLE ECOSYSTEM

The following is a proposal for a sustainable approach to ecosystem management and forest conservation that can help protect biodiversity while meeting human needs.

  • Creation of community-based forest management where local communities are given the rights to manage and benefit from forest resources.
  • Promotion of sustainable agriculture and agroforestry to improve crop yields, and biodiversity conservation.
  • Development of ecotourism activities that promote biodiversity conservation while providing economic benefits to local communities.
  • Payment of communities for the ecosystem services they provide, such as carbon sequestration, watershed protection and biodiversity conservation.
  • The solutions would promote sustainable livelihoods and ensure long term conservation of forests and other ecosystems. 

'Young Entrepreneur' challenge

Linda Njoki, 23, Nakuru - 5G Drone Wireless

5G drone connectivity leverages ultra-fast wireless speeds, low latency, and high network capacity. This empowers drones with real-time data transmission, remote piloting, and improved communication, delivery, education, and disaster response. 

John Gift, 27, Nairobi - Solar Power

Our solution is using solar energy in agricultural sprayers with the help of solar panels. Farmers face the problem of large area coverage in a short period of time. In this project work, we will manufacture a multiple solar power supply of fertilizer sprayer to cover the maximum area of spraying.

Gloria Muriithi, 24, Nairobi - Vases and Flowers 

Abiglow is the name of my business located in Nairobi, Kenya. It produces unique flower vases used for home décor and garden plantations and made using cement, sand and reusable materials. This idea came out of my desire to be independent and since a formal job was not easy to find I decided to create one. In the spirit of empowerment to help fellow youths, I created a you tube channel called ABBY-GLOW DIY which is all about Do It Yourself projects, tutorials, tricks, experiments on how to create flower pots by recycling materials in the simplest ways. If you are reading this kindly consider subscribing to have a learning and enjoyable experience. I entered this competition to push the boundaries of my imagination and showcase my creativity to the world.

Kitui Harrison, 22, Nairobi - Virtual Library

Study Hub, a Red Hub Kenya, is a startup that seeks to foster academic growth. Learners from primary school to higher institutions can beneficit. It is set to change the dynamics of remote learning and teacher/ learner activity in school. The Study Hub iwill contain multiple plugins and resources for learners. The Hub will solve unequal distribution of opportunities in business and academia. Here’s how:
1. Provide employment to the youth in the startup.
2. Prioritize product promotion of small and mid enterprises.
3. Set up virtual learning materials that will give rise to new forms of remote learning to students from all backgrounds.

Kevin Kipchumba Sang, Kapsabet, Kenya
The Asian Cup finals were viewed by over 2 billion people daily. My idea is to set up a theater in my local town and country wide for watching soccer ⚽. The theatre can also serve as a canteen and a conference facility. By creating such a place where people can come watch soccer together we promote interaction among locals and people will get to know each other and live in harmony.

Danielle Wijenje, 22, Nairobi - COOL COUPLE OF THOUSANDS

Did you know that with a mere 700 shillings, a creative mind, Canva application subscription, a printer and an electronic device you could make tens to hundreds of thousands per month? With Kenya's decreasing job market self employment by use of creative design is the way.

Mike Chiema, 21, Nairobi

Bamboo charcoal fabric made by burning bamboo at very high temperatures to create charcoal. This charcoal is then processed into fine nanoparticles that are embedded into fibers and spun into yarn. The resulting fabric is soft, UV-resistant, and requires fewer synthetic treatments. It is good at traping the bodily smells. 

Issa Kamau, 22, Nyandarua, Kenya

Idea 1. HealthTech Telemedicine and Mobile Health Clinic

HealthTech Telemedicine and Mobile Health Clinic: a transformative healthcare solution utilizing telemedicine and mobile clinics to provide equitable access to quality healthcare services, bridging the gap between underserved communities and medical professionals, and reducing healthcare inequalities in Kenya.  

Idea 2. AgriTech Farmer Network and Knowledge platform

Smart AgriTech Solutions: an integrated system leveraging technology, IoT, and data analytics to provide small-scale farmers in Kenya with affordable and accessible agricultural solutions, improving productivity, reducing post-harvest losses, and creating sustainable livelihoods.

Owen  Machiro , 19, Nairobi  - Tapping into urban

African urban culture is unique and needs to be showcased such that it stimulates economic growth. This can be achieved by modifying into Matatus themes on wildlife conservation, African culture and other. They can be used in African tourism. Urban tourism can stimulate continental tourism uptake.                                                                                             

Antony Odhiambo, 19, Sare-Awendo - Empowering African Youth through Sustainable Agriculture

My idea is to establish a social enterprise that provides skills training and employment opportunities for unemployed African youth in sustainable agriculture, empowering them to create a positive impact on their communities while fostering environmental sustainability.

Timothy Irungu, 21, NAIROBI - SHUKSHA SNACKS

A restaurant where Customers decide what they want and how much they wish to pay for it.

Michael Kamaui, 17, Nairobi - 3_skillz

3_skillz is an innovative platform that looks forward to promote the mind of youth in three areas: Academics, Talent, and Ideas. This platform will also have a foundation of a principle of 1:5. This means that in a person that successed, the person is expected to help the other five.

Reduce Inequalities challenge

Lawrence  Wekesa, 19, Nairobi

To solve the world’s wealth being owned by a small demographic of people, my solution would be digitizing the wealth and employing blockchain technology to decentralize it whereby the authority over the wealth is distributed to multiple people rather than a small group of people which reduces inequality.

Omar Abae, 24, Hola - Adopt trees

Equality can be achieved if we fight the big monster that corruption. Coming with financial plan to empower the areas which a less privileged. Governments should allocate money to special programs to people of a vulnerable to cater their needs.

Charles Kiama, 20, Lodwar

Indirect solutions include inheritance taxes and socializing capital. Direct include decreasing income of the richest, increasing incomes of the poorest (policies like wage increases and income transfers). Other solutions are affirmative action, non-discrimination, and government-subsidized childcare for greater access to high-paying jobs. Debt forgiveness and trade reform can also help reduce income inequality.

Antony Odhiambo, 19, Sare-Awendo

Idea 1. Implement a Universal Basic Income combined with comprehensive entrepreneurship and skill development programs, fostering financial inclusion, creativity, and self-sufficiency - will eradicat poverty and reduce inequalities while empowering individuals to contribute to a prosperous and thriving global society.

Idea 2. Promotion of equality and prosperity for all:

  • Use progressive taxes to increase the distribution of wealth.
  • Invest money on good schooling and better careers.
  • Give everyone access to healthcare and social services.
  • Assist small enterprises by making open economic decisions.
  • Eliminate prejudice and encourage diversification and inclusion in the society.
  • Encourage and boost environmentally friendly growth and social security networks.
  • Foster international collaboration to suppress inequality.

Kitui Harrison, 22, Nairobi

To reduce inequality, I would urge international donors and charity organizations to:
1. Do a follow up on the projects that have been assigned donations.
2. Penalize corrupt individuals and misuse of donor funds.
3. Set-up businesses that rely on local resources.
4. Invest more in youth development and empowerment.


To achieve equality and prosperity for all, we need:

  • progressive taxation, 
  • access to education and fair wages, 
  • social protection, 
  • addressing discrimination, 
  • sustainable development, 
  • empowerment and participation, 
  • global cooperation. 

It requires a holistic approach and sustained efforts from all stakeholders.


Machakos Boys High School, Machakos, Kenya, Empowering Minds Through Creativity - TRUST THE PROCESS, teacher Mr Mwangangi Daniel


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